Best & Affordable PPC/SEM Marketing Services in Australia

Mint Pixel provides the best Pay Per Click (PPC) / Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services in Australia to our clients at affordable rates. Our focus is always on achieving the best possible return on investment on your marketing spend.

PPC/SEM Marketing Services in Australia - Why We Are The Best Pay Per Click (PPC) Google Adwords Agency

Mint Pixel is a leading provider of PPC/SEM marketing services in Australia. Pay Per Click (PPC), which can often be referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the fastest and most direct ways to generate leads and sales.  PPC allows you to zone in on an audience that is searching for a particular search term. When a user searches for a particular keyword, your ad will appear on top of all the results on page 1 of the search engine and you will pay a cost per click only if someone clicks your ad. PPC strategies work best once your website has been live for some time and when complimented with our SEO Services

Our focus with all PPC campaigns is achieving the best ROI for our clients since costs are directly related to the number of clicks we are able to provide key metrics as part of our monthly reporting services to clients.  With our result-driven PPC/SEM marketing services our PPC experts will ensure your business is positioned correctly to the audience searching for your targeted keywords. We are capable of delivering fast results, reducing the cost per click with time, increasing revenue, and generating more leads. In parallel to this, we will also help you increase your Quality Score (QS) which translates to improved performance of your campaign when measured in terms of costs, visitors, and conversion. 

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What We Do In PPC/SEM
Marketing Services

Mint Pixel is a PPC agency that is focussed on achieving the best return on investment for our clients. As a result, we are meticulous in our planning process and tracking data so that we are able to provide valuable insights. Our PPC management services are holistic and cover all the areas listed below.
Keyword Research

For a successful SEM/PPC marketing campaign you need to perform thorough keyword research. We provide detailed keyword research breaking down the number of people searching for particular keywords and the costs associated with targeting those keywords.

PPC Campaign Setup

Once you settle on the keywords you would like to target it is imperative to ensure your campaign is setup correctly in order to maximise return on investment. This includes setting up budgets and specific rules sets to deal with specific keywords and phrases.

Tracking & Monitoring Conversions

We pride ourselves on achieving the highest return on investment for clients. As such, we closely monitor and report on conversions traffic and keyword costs. This helps identify what is working and what isn’t and further improve on our performance.

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Increase Your ROI With Our Best PPC/SEM Marketing Services - PPC Lead Generation Adwords Agency

At Mint Pixel, we have experts for PPC/SEM marketing services in Australia who are capable of running successful Google Adwords campaigns and PPC lead generation campaigns. They have extensive experience in setting up Adwords accounts, optimising & designing attractive campaigns, managing campaigns, and keyword cost. We begin our work by doing complete research and analysis of your business, your target audience, keyword research, and perform a competitor analysis. We will design engaging Adword campaigns that will target your desired audience driving them to click on your ad and learn about your business offerings. We will target people who are looking for services that your business is providing that will increase the chances of getting more traffic and conversions.

PPC/SEM marketing services are now playing a very important role in the world of online business marketing. With the right tools, we can now find what the user is looking for and provide an exact solution to their needs. Our PPC management services not only include running Google ads but we manage ad spend too. Our SEM/PPC experts come up with all the possibilities that will increase the return on investment of your business. We are offering the best and affordable PPC/SEM marketing services that will boost your sales and increase your revenue. 

SEM/PPC Packages

Increase Traffic

With a successful Google PPC Adword Campaign, you can generate more traffic on your website. The difference between targeted traffic and random traffic is that targeted traffic is actively searching for the products and services your business is offering. Mint Pixel’s PPC experts are able to create very attractive PPC campaigns that will compel users to click on your ad and with a good landing page assist in converting the lead to a conversion and ultimately a sale. Get the best PPC/SEM Marketing Services in Australia Now!

PPC/SEM Marketing Services - Adwords Agency - Mint Pixel

Increase in Revenue

Mint Pixel will come up with search engine marketing strategies that are focussed on increasing your sales and revenue. Our PPC experts are well trained and have a complete understanding of how the modern PPC algorithm works. We will not just provide clicks on your ad but our sole purpose will be to convert these clicks into conversions and sales through our best PPC/SEM Marketing Services.

PPC/SEM Marketing Services - Adwords Agency - Mint Pixel

Gives Brand Exposure & Visibility

In order to build a brand, its visibility is very important. The more exposure your brand has the better. With the help of a PPC ad (SEM/PPC Marketing Services) on Google, your website will appear on top of the organic results without performing any SEO. When your website is on the top of the first page, there will be more chances of clicks. 

PPC/SEM Marketing Services - Adwords Agency - Mint Pixel

Flexible PPC Campaigns

One of the benefits of PPC Adwords is that PPC campaigns are very flexible and easily managed. You can run a campaign over a certain time horizon, that meets budget requirements, and targets a set audience.

PPC/SEM Marketing Services - Adwords Agency - Mint Pixel

Benefits of PPC/SEM Marketing Services & Paid Campaigns

There are many benefits of using PPC/SEM marketing services for your business. The majority of the companies are converting their visitors to confirm sales by running Google PPC campaigns. We can do the same for your business too.
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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The main purpose of a marketing campaign is to rank on a targeted keyword that is related to your business services. Search engines like Google provide paid advertisement services and rank your site on a particular keyword at the top of all the organic results. This is called Search Engine Marketing (SEM). PPC Adwords, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Google Shopping, Remarketing, Digital Prospecting, and International PPC are all a part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Cost-per-Click (CPC)

CPC stands for cost-per-click. It is the amount that an advertiser pays to the search engine for each click an ad gets. The advertiser can set the desired cost per click for each keyword. Remember that other businesses may also be bidding to display their ads for certain keywords, so if you set a higher CPC of a keyword the more chances your ad will have of your ad is visible. The formula to calculate the total CPC is

CPC (cost-per-click) = Cost to Advertiser/Clicks   

Quality Score (QS)

The Quality Score (QS) determines the quality of both your ads and your keywords.  The Quality Score has a huge impact on your average CPC. It depends on many factors such as

  • CTR (Click Through Ratio)
  • Relevant Keywords
  • Landing Page
  • Adwords Account (past performance)

Minimum and Maximum Bid

These terms define how much are you willing to spend on a keyword. As PPC is very flexible, you can set a minimum and maximum bid for any keyword in your PPC campaign.

Ad Group

An ad group is one of the most important features of a PPC Campaign. When you create a series of ads for each keyword you set ad groups. The Ad group contains all the keywords that you want to rank your ad on and all the negative keywords that you don’t want your ad to rank on. Moreover, you can set a CPC for each ad group. 

Click Through Ratio (CTR)

Click Through Ratio/Rate (CTR) is the percentage of your ad views that result in clicks. CPC is measured with the CTR metric. The formula to calculate CTR is


CTR = Clicks/Impressions

Important PPC (Pay Per Click) Terms One Should Know

Pay Per Click has many features and if not used properly your ad can cost you 100s of extra dollars. We can help you run successful and budget-friendly campaigns in our SEM/PPC marketing services.
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Text Ads

A text ad is a simple ad with text and a link to your website including a small description of your ad. Users can click and redirect to your website. Texts are very common in PPC/SEM marketing services.

Display Ads

Display ads are more advanced ads than simple text ads. These ads have many forms such as media, video, and images. As a result of the multiple elements in the ad, there are higher chances that a user will click your display ad as compared to a simple text ad.

Social Ads

SEM PPC is not only supported by Google. There are social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest that support social ads. These ads help a business to connect with more customers. 

Video Ads

Video ads have a higher engagement rate with customers. Video ads also allow you to cover more content and access a wider audience on platforms like Youtube. 

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are mostly used to promote products by retailers. They provide quality leads to the advertiser. Google AdWords Merchant Center is used to manage shopping ads. Moreover, shopping ads can also promote your products on other Google platforms such as Google Shopping, Google Search, and Google Search Partner websites. Hurry up now and avail the best PPC/SEM marketing services for your business.

Types of Ads in SEM/PPC Marketing Services For Your Business

We offer different types of ads in our SEM/PPC marketing services. Based on your business objectives we can recommend an ad type that will be suited to achieving your business goals.
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Mint Pixel provides the best PPC/SEM marketing services in Australia to our clients at affordable rates. Our focus is always on achieving the best possible return on investment on your marketing spend.
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