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Mint Pixel provides the best SEO services in Australia and covers its major cities such as Sydney, Parramatta, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, and many others.  We have the best SEO experts as part of our team who are ready to assist our clients in meeting their commercial objectives. We are leading SEO professionals that provide 100% authentic SEO strategies that work under Google guidelines, the aim of which is to rank your website higher than your competitors.

As a client when deciding on who to partner with you need to be mindful of SEO companies that claim to rank a site within a few months for very little cost. These companies typically engage in unauthentic black hat SEO strategies which ultimately results in Google penalising your site.  We assure you that with our professional SEO services you won’t be penalised in the future and your keyword ranking will gradually increase with time. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best affordable SEO services in Australia with quality work.

The scope of our plan includes SEO services such as keyword research, competitor analysis, keyword optimisation, image SEO, international & local SEO, competitor backlinks audit, website optimisation, SEO content writing, Google My Business optimisation, and monthly progress reports.

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Our team of SEO experts start by conducting comprehensive market research on your business and compiling a SWOT Analysis. From there, we develop an SEO plan that is geared towards increasing your brand exposure and visibility, and compatible with Google frequently changing algorithms.
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    Planning And

    We plan out all SEO activities for your business after conducting comprehensive market research

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    Affordable & Cost Effective SEO Services

    We offer cost-effective and affordable SEO services geared towards client satisfaction and achieving the highest return on investment

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    Long Term

    The best thing our clients like about us is our long term results because we use authentic and results generated effective SEO techniques

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Professional SEO Services in Australia - Top SEO Companies

Mint Pixel SEO agency based in Paramatta, Australia and we provide professional and the best SEO services in Australia for ranking your website. There are 100’s of SEO companies in Paramatta, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and other parts of Australia but choosing the right SEO company is a crucial step. As time passes search engines are growing with complex algorithms and as a result, more effort is required from SEO specialists in ranking websites.

SEO is a time-consuming activity and those who claim to provide guaranteed results within a few weeks or months are most likely using black hat SEO techniques. Avoiding SEO companies that depend on the black hat techniques should be your very first priority. We assure you that we provide the best SEO ranking services in Australia.

We assure our clients that our services are Google algorithm friendly and most importantly they are cost-effective and affordable. Moreover, we differentiate ourselves from other SEO agencies by providing more value in our SEO packages especially, in link building services. We also provide Website Design & Development services that are SEO friendly.  Some of our top SEO services include:

  • 100% unique SEO content writing & content marketing strategies
  • High quality do-follow backlinks & no-follow backlinks
  • Free SEO audits that could cost you $100’s from any other agency
  • Long term rankings
  • Best SEO consultancy services
  • Affordable SEO packages

For more details on the cost of our SEO packages please check our SEO pricing page.

SEO Packages and Pricing

Strong Website Architecture

For effective SEO, website architecture should be robust, in simple terms, this means it should work without any bugs or errors. Many SEO agencies neglect the importance of good website architecture. It is a crucial ranking factor that shouldn’t be ignored. Major SEO points to consider in terms of structure are


  1. Short and strong URL structure
  2. Easy navigations and the use of breadcrumbs
  3. User-friendly & user-accessible content
  4. Perfect Internal Linking or the use of SILO structure

High Authority Backlinks Planning

Creating backlinks is a crucial component of off page SEO. Building high-quality do-follow backlinks will increase your domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), URL rating, citation flow, trust flow, and many more off page SEO factors. In short, it can be explained as


  1. Backlinks are the most powerful ranking factor in Off Page SEO
  2. Increase domain authority (DA) by creating unique content for blogging
  3. Overdoing link building can also break your business
  4. Perfect planning is the key to success
  5. A compulsory section for Blog
  6. Customer Reviews for building authority

Website Speed and Responsiveness Optimisation

Website speed and website optimisation play an important part in on page SEO. There was an initial clash between SEO experts over the importance of website speed as an SEO ranking factor. However, this has been resolved and now website speed is considered a major ranking factor. Moreover, website responsiveness is just as crucial for both user experience and Google. Some guidelines


  1. The website should be responsive for desktop, mobile, and tablet
  2. Page should load quickly
  3. Images should be optimised properly

Content Marketing and Planning

Content is the king of SEO. If your content is unique and high quality, your website will rank sooner and will place you ahead of your competition. Content is the most important ranking factor in the entire SEO process. Without content, it is not possible to rank any site no matter how many backlinks you are making. Some guidelines


  1. Use content on your website that adds value to the customers
  2. Content should be 100% unique and keywords optimised
  3. Problem-solving and user engaging content
  4. Always avoid thin content as it is said to be a poor SEO factor
  5. Never compromise on content.

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Local Market Presence

The process of SEO can be tailored for an international presence or your local market. With the right techniques, you can dominate your local market in terms of presence, exposure, and brand awareness. In order to rank our clients within their local market, we use top techniques such as


  1. Citations Building
  2. Complete On Page SEO activities
  3.  Manual & natural Link Building
  4. Geo-Targeting
  5. Google My Business Optimisation

Local Market Presence - Top SEO Companies

Increased Visibility

The overarching goal of our SEO services is to provide maximum exposure in local and international web sources for our clients. When it comes to local SEO we increase the visibility of our clients website by targeting different search engines, social media platforms, directories, and forums. Greater visibility means more customer engagements and more engagements mean more sales.


Local SEO is a mixture of different techniques used to gain relevant traffic, leads, and conversions from your local area, and as an example is more suited for keywords such as SEO services in Parramatta, SEO services in Sydney, Melbourne SEO services, Perth SEO services, etc. The SEO experts at Mint Pixel will evaluate your business needs and requirements according to your budget and will come up with a strategy to make your business flourish in the local market with the aid of local SEO services.

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Google My Business Listing Optimisation

A major local SEO ranking factor is Google My Business listing profile. Put simply, Google my business will play an important part in increasing your brand exposure and brand awareness in the geographical location you provide services in. By creating different local listings or local citations of your website we will enhance your online local presence. Your presence will be listed on all the major listing platforms just like Google my business. This ensures your online presence is visible across all mediums the local community uses.

Google My Business - SEO Services - Best SEO services in Australia - SEO Services in Australia - Top SEO Companies

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What is International SEO?

International SEO may sound daunting but it isn’t. It builds upon the same techniques of local SEO to optimise your website and enhance your presence throughout the world on different search engines and other platforms (particularly ones that may not be used in your region). It uses similar techniques like geo-targeting to target your relevant audience no matter where they are from and what language they speak. You optimise your website according to your target audience. International SEO is one of the best ways to help your business grow globally.

Why Need Multilingual Website

For international SEO, the multilingual feature is very important. If your target audience is not from your country and they speak a different language they won’t visit your website, or, if they do you won’t get your message across effectively.  As a result, the conversions from your website will be low. This will in turn impact SEO in a negative way such as


  1. Increase bounce rate
  2. Poor user experience even with the good ranking

Doing international SEO takes time but it helps you exponentially scale your business

Providing More Exposure to Your Business at International Level

Chance to stand out more in the international market and promote business. Why not take it?
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SEO Services in Parramatta

Mint Pixel is one of the best top companies located in Parramatta, Australia. We provide several website designs and digital marketing services, with a particular emphasis on SEO services in Parramatta. Our SEO services are not limited to Parramatta, we also provide our services to other parts of Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and many other cities. Our aim is to provide our clients with long term SEO results with a focus on return on investment with our best SEO services in Australia. We offer quality search engine optimisation services with our affordable SEO packages.

SEO Services in Sydney

Mint Pixel provides the best search engine optimisation or SEO services in Sydney. Our SEO packages are very affordable and geared toward achieving the highest return on investment for our clients. We are not the type of SEO agency that claims guaranteed results in a few months. More often than not, these types of SEO companies use black hat SEO techniques which impacts SEO negatively over a medium and longer term. We only use white hat SEO techniques approved by Google. With our SEO services, we provide long term results rather than a short boost to your ranking, therapy ensuring you achieve a better return on investment.

SEO Services in Melbourne

There are many SEO agencies in Melbourne. However, we at Mint Pixel believe we are the best SEO company that has provided top SEO Services in Melbourne based on our focus on achieving commercial objectives for our clients. Our SEO experts only utilise safe strategies geared towards achieving term results in terms of ranking. With the help of paid tools such as Ahrefs, we analyse the health of your website from an SEO perspective situation and advise on improvements that can be made in order to increase rankings. We use the best SEO tools such as Rank Math and Yoast SEO to drive long term results.

SEO Services in Perth

Mint Pixel provides quality services when it comes to website development and digital marketing, with a particular focus on SEO services in Perth. Our SEO packages are very affordable and as part of our strategy, we only use white hat SEO techniques. When it comes to SEO, clients need to be mindful of using SEO companies that claim fast results because often they utilise black hat SEO techniques which have a negative impact on your site over the medium and longer term.

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